Powerful & Reliable Server Monitoring System With Round-the-Clock Monitoring & Alerting Solution
Flexible, Customizable & Powerful Monitoring System
Like, to draw anything we at least require a base – Canvas what we call it. And Dashboard is the canvas where you can graph your infrastructure. Nodelizer helps you to create user-friendly Custom Dashboards to collectively monitor multiple Servers and Applications & their metrics, Real Time Monitoring all in one screen
  • Merge the graph of multiple Server devices, Services, Application to collectively monitor all in one screen through your custom created Dashboards.
  • Unlimited creation of custom Dashboards to selectively add specific server device, to choose which Services applications and metrics to monitor, to view their statistics through graphs or as particular metric value.
  • View Open-Alert-Counts for any of your Server devices.
  • You can view various metrics from a set of servers, compare them with each other, correlate them; thus enabling you to debug problems you encounter, with ease.
  • Want to compare data with previous record(s)? Your dashboard isn't limited to show only real time data, but allows you to view your historic data too.
  • Freedom to arrange any Metrics / Alert widget / Graph in your dashboard as per your convince and priority.
Flexible, Customizable And Powerful Monitoring System
Complete Linux Monitoring Support
Nodelizer provides monitoring support in the wide range of Linux flavours like - Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat, Debian, Arc linux, Gentoo, cloudlinux, CentOs, ... and also for BSD(FreeBSD) & Mac OS X+.
Supported Services
The Nodelizer Agent provides built-in support for monitoring the performance and availability of numerous popular Services.
  • Web Server : The most installed application whenever a server is concerned. Cause none of the scripts or web app or website can run without them. Web Server can be one of the root cause of the suddenly increase in the higher usage of your CPU / Memory / Network Usage. Nodelizer supports Monitoring following server: Apache, lighttpd, nginx, Tomcat.
  • Database : Like Web Server, another root cause behind higher usage of your system can be Database Server application. The more connection, and frequently requesting a query can result into heavy usage of your system Resources. Nodelizer supports Monitoring following databases: MySql / MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.
  • Mail Agents : A mail server (also known as a mail transfer agent or MTA, a mail transport agent, a mail router or an Internet mailer) is an application that receives incoming e-mail from local users (people within the same domain) and remote senders and forwards outgoing e-mail for delivery. A computer dedicated to running such applications is also called a mail server. Nodelizer supports Monitoring following mail agents: postfix, exim, sendmail, zimbra, qmail.
  • Caching Technologies : Generally, Cache is a temporary data which are stored on browser side storage for fast access instead of making a new request frequently. Well a browser doesn’t know which are important cached data and when they will be access next time. So the browser will only delete or override these cached data, if required as low space for the cache storage. Nodelizer supports Monitoring: Memcached.
  • Other Services / Applications : Nodelizer Helps you to monitor
    • PHP-FPM is a process manager to manage the FastCGI SAPI (Server API) in PHP.
Observe Key Performance Metrics
The most essential part of any server is CPU, Memory, Disk, Network. Any application / Service has to go through / use these Basic Resources of the system to perform their task. Nodelizer helps you to
  • observe vital system resources & their usage.
  • Proactively track your Server's health & availability by collecting key system performance metrics which include - CPU Usage, Memory, Disk Usage, Load Average, Network Traffic, I/O Stats.
  • You can also customize which are the Basic service(s) you wish to observe instead of all at once.
Process Monitoring
Process execution directly affects to CPU and Memory. Nodelizer helps you to get every minute data of total processes running on your machine. Nodelizer helps you to view following details of every single minute data of Processes:
  • all your running processes,
  • their individual CPU and Memory usage,
  • their instance count per user.
Sortable Processes List, with above details, helps you to learn the usage pattern, and prepares you against taking decision regarding preventing downtime of system and maximum availability of the running Application / Services or Server itself.
Multi-way Alert Notifications
Imagining Server Monitoring systems with out Alerting isn't possible as Alerting is one of the core part of the monitoring system. Alerting helps you to stay up-to-date with your server's downtime and availability. It informs you whenever a metric crosses your specified threshold and critical issues arise in your infrastructure. Nodelizer helps you to
  • Configure alerts for getting notified when certain performance thresholds are reached for any metric value or if there is a downtime.
  • Get notified instantaneously through Email, SMS or Push Notifications to minimize server downtime and prevent any critical system issues.
  • Set up your conditional time to let you get alerted if persists for a given time interval,
  • Repeat the same action if occurs on given time interval.
  • Alerts are important, but do not want to monitor them against your priorities for the time being? Mute your alerts for certain time period. Easy!!!
  • Instant alert for processes :
    • Total Processes Count
    • Individual Alert for specific process when it has been Started / Stopped.
    • Individual Process Count Alert
    • CPU Usage or Memory Usage by Individual Process
Virtual Platform Monitoring
Server Virtualization is a method of running multiple independent virtual operating systems on a single physical computer. It is a way to save cost and energy to maximizing physical resource as virtual one against investment in physical hardware. Virtualization offers a lots of benefits to the IT operations but along comes its own share of complexities too. Thus managing a virtual environment is not as easy as it seems.
Dealing with Virtual Infrastructure requires more attention to the system's resources as Server Availability is the most important thing to the clients. Without a proper virtualization monitoring solution in place, the complexities of managing virtual environments can be quite overwhelming for IT operations.
Nodelizer provides IT administrators with valuable insight into the health and performance of virtual servers (installed as guest) as well as the virtual hosts configured in those servers.
Currently Nodelizer helps you monitor VMWare and XenServer.
Following key metrics are monitored by Nodelizer for host/guest :
  • Host: CPU, Memory, Disk I/O(VMWare), Network Usage, Datastore(s) (VMWare), Storage Repository (XenServer), Load Average(XenServer)
  • Guest : CPU, Memory, Network Usage, VBD-Disk (Xen), Datastore (VM)
You can set alerts to instantly get notified if guest is inactive as well as for the host / guest specific metrics.
Monitor via Native Mobile App
  • In the era of Internet, server monitoring shouldn't be limited to Desktops only. Native Mobile support is growing now a days like an essential part of the technology and productivity tools.
  • With the Nodelizer Mobile app you can view all your Server, Services, Active Alert Notification and history of Closed Alerts.
  • iOS Apple Watch support is also available where you can view your Server-status, Application-status, receive push notifications.
Monitor via Native Mobile App
  • To stay up-to-date, Nodelizer extends its monitoring support with Native Mobile apps for Android and iPhone. Nodelizer Native Mobile App allows you to remotely track status, health & availability of your system(s), anytime – anywhere; and you can make sure your server are up and available.
  • Getting Alert Notifications for any server issues on your Mobile device gives you a head start on the problem about what's being affected and its cause, before you actually get to fix it.
Snapshots, Graphs & Historical Data
  • While managing server, every minute performance metrics are important as you never want your server to be down or unavailable for even single minute. The system resource usage analysis helps you to learn the usage pattern by system / services and to take corrective action for preventing system downtime and make your system available all the time.
  • Nodelizer graph let you to analyze & understand usage patterns and plan resource requirements in advance.
  • You can easily view Your Server’s detailed historic Data, captured by Nodelizer Agent, in the Snapshots, Graphs & custom-built Dashboards(Web App only) of our Web & Mobile Application and compare data for different time periods.
  • Nodelizer helps you to monitor your every minute data in snapshot – all in one screen for an individual server.
  • In case of any performance issue, this can significantly speed up the identification why a service is not performing as it should. You can co-relate one metric with another one and identify the root cause of the performance issue.
  • Snapshots and Graphs on the Web & Mobile Application enables you to view Basic System Metrics and Service & Application Metrics for your Server devices in Real-time. With auto refreshing charts & data, you will be updated for the latest Stats of your server device.
Quick and Simple Installation
A low footprint agent helps Nodelizer to provide you Round the clock monitoring with quick and easy installation.
  1. All you need to do is add a Server device.
  2. Once your Server device is been create – a "Server key" will be generated – Copy it.
  3. To Download the installer script - Check out the Install Instructions Tab in our WebApp.
  1. Select your server platform to view the related Installation Instructions..
  2. Once you download the script, run the Installer script with the server key you just copied.
Within the next minute you will start monitoring the health and performance metrics of your server in front of your eyes.