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VMWare Monitoring
VMWare Data collected by python agent :
Host System Info :
  • Uptime
  • ProductName
  • CPU Model, CPU Detail (Sockets populated and cores per socket), CPU Threads
  • Adapters – Network, HostBus Count
Host Metrics :
  • CPU Usage
  • Memory
    • Size, Used, Free
    • Active – Sum of all active metrics for all powered-on VMs plus vSphere services such as COS, vpxa on the host.
    • Shared – Sum of all shared metrics for all powered-on VMs, plus amount for vSphere services on the host.
    • Balloon – Sum of all vmmemctl values for all powered-on VMs, plus vSphere services on the host.
    • Swap Used – Sum of memory swapped of all powered on VMs and vSphere services on the host.
  • Network Usage
    • Received & Transmitted Bytes
  • Disk IO Commands
    • Commands Aborted – Number of SCSI commands aborted
    • Bus Resets – Number of SCSI-bus reset commands issued
  • Disk IO Latency
    • Device Latency – Avg amount of time, to complete a SCSI command from the physical device
    • Queue Latency – Avg amount of time spent in VMkernel queue, per SCSI command
    • Kernel Latency – Avg amount of time spent by VMkernel processing each SCSI command
    • Total Latency – Avg amount of time taken to process a SCSI command issued by the Guest OS to the virtual machine
  • Number of Vms
  • Datastore Metrics :
    • Capacity (Maximum capacity), FreeSpace (Available space), Used
    • Uncommitted – Total additional storage space, potentially used by all VMs on the datastore
Guest VM Metrics :
  • VM Name, Description, Guest OS
  • Power State
  • Snapshot Status – Displays whether any Snapshots are present on the VM or not
  • VM .vmx Path
  • Virtual Disks – Disk number, Size, thin provisioned status and path of all Virtual Machine disk files
  • Virtual NIC(s) – vNIC number, vPG/dvPG name and assigned MAC address of all Virtual Machine vNICs
  • Number of vCPUs
  • CPU Ready, CPU Usage
  • MemorySize
  • Memory Active – Amount of guest physical memory actively used
  • Memory Shared – Amount of guest memory that is shared with other virtual machines
  • Memory Balloon – Amount of memory allocated by the VM memory control driver (vmmemctl)
  • Memory Swapped – Current amount of guest physical memory swapped out to the VM’s swap file by the VMkernel
  • Datastore Average IO – Virtual Machine IO on the datastore
  • Datastore Average Latency – Virtual Machine latency on the datastore
  • Overall Network Usage – Virtual Machine Tx and Rx network usage