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The Monitor Server – Menu is where you get the entire monitoring control over all your Servers.

System Info

View Basic System Configuration Info. Also view Server’s Uptime and List of Logged In Users when the Agent Reporting is ON.

  • Snapshots enable you to get a quick glance of your Server state at a particular instant of time.
  • In this Tab, you get to view all the Server statistics & data collected every minute by our Agent.
  • All the Server Metrics are displayed in a user-friendly manner.
  • You can click Previous and Next buttons to move through different snapshots at different instants of time. You can view the latest Stats directly by clicking the Last button.
  • The server data will auto-refresh every minute when the Last button is kept selected.
  • You can also view the random Snapshot of your preferred time instance by clicking the View Snapshot button in the Charts (tool-tip) visible in the Graphs tab.
  • Keep track of all your critical Server metrics by analyzing your server data plotted through neat & intuitive graphs.
  • Visualize your Server data plotted over time-interval of your preference.
  • The Graphs will auto-refresh every minute when a recent time-interval is kept chosen.
  • You will be able to Configure Alert for a particular Metric directly through the Chart by clicking Add Alert button. This can be helpful while you are analyzing the metric-value’s variation over a certain time period & wish to set an alert for that metric.
  • From the Show/hide services button ( gear icon beside time-interval drop-down), you can choose which service metrics you wish to view the graph for.
  • You can reorder the graph blocks as per your requirement.
  • You can also view the Snapshot at a specific time instance by clicking the View Snapshot button in the tool-tip of the plotted Chart.

Alerting plays a vital role in Server Monitoring. The Notifications for your configured Alerts warn you when certain performance thresholds are reached for any metric value or if there is a Server or Application downtime.

Alert Notifications enable you to immediately act upon critical issues & prevent the slow-down or outage and minimize system downtime.

You get to resolve your Server issues in advance before they escalate and affect your Users, thus maximizing your Infrastructure Productivity.

The Alerts Tab –

  • Nodelizer facilitates following features and functionalities to you to :-

    • Configure New Alerts
    • View list of Alerts you set, sorted by Alert Categories
    • Mute / Unmute Alerts
    • Enable / Disable Alerts
    • Edit / Duplicate / Delete Added Alerts
  • Our flexible Alerting provides you with various Notification options which include :-

    • Email Notifications
    • SMS Notifications
    • iOS Push Notifications
    • Android Push Notifications