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Dashboard is a canvas where you put all the important key component you wish to analyze to keep your servers up and make them available all the time.

  • Create customized monitoring Dashboards within few seconds.
  • Collectively track your entire infrastructure at a glance.
  • Visualize all your Servers, Services, Applications — all in one screen through your custom created Dashboards.
  • Create multiple Dashboards, selectively add specific server, choose which services, applications and metrics to monitor, view their statistics through graphs or as particular metric values.
  • Rearrange or reposition the metric value or graph widgets your priorities changes.
  • Widgets to visualize important server statistics & data :-

    Metric-Value Widget :

    Track a particular metric, get its latest & average values from your selected time range.

    Dashboard Metric
    Graph Widget

    Plot charts customized according to your requirement to display metrics from multiple servers.

    Dashboard Graph
    Open-Alert-Count Widget

    Get notified about Open Alert – Count across your entire infrastructure.

    Instantly check out if there are any Open Alerts currently active for any Server.

    Dashboard Open Alerts
  • You can view various metrics from a set of servers, compare them with each other, correlate them; thus enabling you to debug problems you encounter, with ease.
  • Your configured dashboards provide you with an overview of important server statistics and inform you of any open alert, aiding you in monitoring.
  • View real time as well as historic Server data in your created Dashboards.
  • Easy to customize & rearrange you metric widget or graph position as your priorities changes.