Configuring Alert

You can configure alerts for getting notified :

  • When your Server is not posting back data.

    Alert – ‘No Host Data Posted’ (Basic System Alert)

  • When your Additional (Configured) Service is not reporting data.

    Alert – ‘Service Down’ (Integration Alert)

  • When any metric value hits certain threshold(gets too high / low) or is not as per its normal behaviour.

    Metric monitoring Alerts from all 3 Categories

  • To check if a process is running or not.

    Alert – ‘Processes – List’ (Process Alert)

Configuring :
  • First select the Category for the Alert :

    Basic System Alert / Integration Alert / Process Alert

  • In Web-Application, select Server to add the Alert to.
  • Select the Alert – parameter/metric you wish to watch.
  • For Metric Alerts, Process Alerts:

    1. Specify the condition that triggers the alert.
    2. In addition, for the following metrics select/enter the ‘For’ value :

      • Disk Usage

        Specify the server mount point, e.g. /dev

      • IO Stats

        Specify server name, e.g. sda

      • Network Traffic

        Specify the interface, e.g. eth0

      • Note: You can get the server name, server mount point, interface name (to be entered in the ‘For’ field )by viewing your server’s graphs.

      • Processes ( sub type – CPU usage, memory usage)

        Specify process/command executable name, e.g. exim

  • For CPU Usage -Alert , the metric value is taken as average across all CPUs.