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Alerts Notification
Notification Modes

You can opt to get notified for your configured alerts through various modes which include :-

  • Email Notifications
  • iOS Push Notifications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Android Push Notifications
Notification History

You can view all the Notification(s) of the fired alert(s) for your server in our Web and Mobile Applications.

The notifications are categorized into two categories :

  • Active Issues : The Alerts are still in the Open state.
  • Past Alerts : The alert have already Closed Down.

You can even check out the date-time when a particular Alert Opened or Closed.

If Alert is set for any particular metric value, then you can view the latest metric value at the time of alert is fired.

Web app view for Alert History

Alerts Notification
Open Alerts

You can view all the Notifications for your fired server-Alerts in our Web and Mobile Applications.

Through our intuitive Web and Mobile App Interface, you will be informed immediately if any of your server Alert is in the Active state at any time.

The Open Alerts & their Counts will be highlighted in our Nodelizer Mobile Apps for monitoring.

Open Alerts

Additionally, You can also keep their watch through the Open-Alert-Count Widget in the Dashboards through our Web App.

Thus, you can keep track as & when the Active Alert issues close down.

You will be able to resolve your Server issues in advance before they escalate, thus maintaining your entire Infrastructure’s health & productivity.