Welcome to Nodelizer!

Nodelizer monitors the performance, availability & status of your servers and applications & ensures that your server has maximum system uptime & productivity and minimum downtime. You can stay informed about your system resource utilization and track your server’s health through in-depth statistics.

Nodelizer provides monitoring support for following OS/Application/Cloud-platform :

  • Linux, Mac OS & FreeBSD 8+ Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring (e.g. Apache, MySQL & many more)
  • Virtualization Monitoring (VMWare & XenServer platforms)

Our light-weight Python Agent is needed to be installed in the server you wish to monitor. The agent collects your server data(comprising Basic System Performance metrics) every minute and posts it in Nodelizer database.

Python versions currently supported by the Agent :

  • Python 2 – >= 2.6
  • Python 3 – >= 3.3

Our user-friendly WebApp interface helps you monitor your server flexibly through Snapshots, Graphs & custom Dashboards.

The agent also supports Monitoring of popular Additional Services/Applications. You can visualize the entire metrics data in our Web-App and Mobile Apps. For additional monitoring support for other applications / services , you will have to configure the Agent accordingly. Kindly refer our Documentation / Support section.

You can set up Server-Alerts, so in case of any performance issue you can get notified immediately to diagnose the problem in time through Email, SMS or Push notifications on your registered Mobile / tablet devices ( To register your device – simply login in the mobile app ).

Nodelizer also features mobility in Monitoring – Learn More about Our Mobile App.

To keep your data secure over the Internet, Nodelizer ensures end-to-end encryption for its service communication of your server and Nodelizer server and with Nodelizer Mobile App too.