Jenkins is an open source automation server written in Java. Jenkins helps to automate the non-human part of software development process, with continuous integration and facilitating technical aspects of continuous delivery. Jenkins is commonly used for: Building projects, Running tests to detect bugs and other issues as soon as they are introduced, Static code analysis, Deployment.

Metrics collected by Jenkins Integration
– Description
Total Jobs
– Total jobs
Builds aborted / canceled
– Count difference of builds aborted / canceled by user while getting executed
Builds failed
– Count difference of builds those were failed to execute
Builds succeeded
– Count difference of builds those were executed successfully
Total Offline Executor
– Total offline executors because of node is offline
Total on-line Executor
– Total on-line executors
Temporary Executor Offline
– Temporary offline executors
Total Executor
– Total executors
Total Active node
– Total active nodes currently build is running on
Total Offline Node
– Total offline node
Total On-line Node
– Total on-line nodes
Temp. Offline Node
– Temporary offline node
Total Node
– Total nodes
  1. Installing module: rptmonitor uses jenkins module as a jenkins client to interact with Jenkins.

    Installing jenkins :

    • Using pip : pip install python-jenkins (python2) & pip3 install python-jenkins (python3)
    • Using easy_install : easy_install python-jenkins
    • From source :

      git clone

      cd python-jenkins/

      sudo python install

    • ‘pip’ is preferred installer program.

      Note : Installing pip on CentOS / RHEL / Ubuntu / Debian

  2. Edit config.cfg file :

    • Uncomment the lines containing jenkins_srvr_port, jenkins_user & jenkins_pswd config variables (remove # symbol).
    • Change default values as required.
  3. Restart rptmonitor :

    • For deb/rpm package supported Linux distros :

      sudo /etc/init.d/rptmonitor restart
    • For OpenSUSE(11.4+) with systemd :

      sudo systemctl restart rptmonitor.service
    • For other Linux distro, FreeBSD 8+, Mac OS X+ :

      sudo python /usr/local/bin/rptmonitor/ restart