About Us
Nodelizer - the premier server solution for all your monitoring needs.
Nodelizer is a server monitoring system crafted by Repute Infosystems in 2015. Repute Infosystems is working in the field of Web Development & Software Development since 2003. And with the years of experience in the field of web development, Repute Infosystems felt that there is a need for good server monitoring system with robustness and flexibility. That’s how Nodelizer has born.
System administrators are able to perform many things to keep their server up and available for their end user, but still it is a difficult to manage everything at a time because it is time consuming task. And thus Nodelizer is aimed to aid the system administrator in monitoring their Server(s) / Application(s) / Virtualized Infrastructure in a very easy way. Nodelizer strengthened to reduce setting up the Server(s) / Application(s), so the System Administrator can start monitoring within very short time with just few clicks / few commands.
The Journey of Nodelizer
The journey started with monitoring the most critical system resources and later focused on main Application(s) / Service(s). Another main focus Nodelizer has keep eyes on is Virtualization / Virtual Infrastructure. In Virtualization, a host can run multiple Guest OS, with dividing its physical resource. So monitoring the resources of host OS is also as much important as compare to Guest OSs.
Nodelizer brings auto refreshing snapshots and graphs where you actually have to do nothing, JUST MONITORING. Learn your usage pattern of your systems resources, bound your standards for the metric(s) and set alert(s) on them. Easy!!! Nodelizer has taken care to let you never miss any single minute data of your server, with help of multi-way Alerting and Native Mobile app support for Android and iPhone – anytime, anywhere.